Emanuele Spampinato

He is president and managing director of ETNA HITECH SCPA (EHT).

After graduating in computer engineering from the University of Catania and a Master's degree in Business Management and Strategy from Business School 24, he acquired numerous experiences in the ICT field, holding multiple positions.

He is an expert in structural funds programming, having participated in several partnership tables.

Among the many positions he holds, he is a board member and vice president of EDI.IT SRL; board member of the Science and Technology Park of Sicily Scpa; founding member of the Digital Transformation Institute; board member of ITS Steve Jobs; sole director Vulcanic scrl; member of the Confcommercio Catania Council; and coordinator of the Sicilian Region Partnership Secretariat.

In addition, he is POFESR 2014-2020 Supervisory Committee delegate - Sicilian Region for Confcommercio Sicilia; PON METRO Supervisory Committee delegate for Confcommercio Imprese per l'Italia; Confcommercio delegate to the Steering Committee of the Pact for Catania Metropolitan City; member of the Confcommercio Impresa 4.0 working group.

He supports the Confcommercio delegate to the Industry 4.0 Steering Committee at MISE.