Centro per la Ricerca sugli Enti Pubblici S.r.l. (“REP”) informs the users of the website (“Website”) about the data that could be collected, processed and stored through the cookies. 

What are the cookies?
Cookies are little text files sent by the websites to their servers, where they are saved in order to be re-transmitted to the same websites in occasion of the following user’s visit.

What are the cookies useful for?
Cookies are used for several purposes: execution of IT authentication, session monitoring, memorization of information about specific users’ configurations, preference memorization, etc. 

What are “technical” cookies?
They are cookies useful to surf the Internet or to provide a service required by the user. They are not used for further purposes and they are usually set up by website owner. Usually, they cannot be disabled without affecting the functionality of the website. 
Without such cookies, some operations could not be performed or could be more complex and/or less safe. 

What are “analytics” cookies?
They are cookies used to collect and analyse the traffic or the use of a website. These cookies permit to define whether a user is connecting again to the website, to monitor the website use and to implement its performances and the usability by users. 

What are “profiling” cookies?
They are cookies used to trace user’s web surfing and to create profiles about his/her/its tastes, habits, choices, etc. Thanks to these cookies, it is possible to send to a user advertising messages in line with the preferences already shown by the same user while web surfing.

What are third parties’ cookies?
Third parties’ cookies are set up by website different from the one a user is visiting. This happens because any website can have some elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links, etc.) lain on servers different from the one hosting the visited website. 

Is the user’s consent necessary to set up cookies on his/her/its PC? 
To set up technical and “analytics” cookies, users’ consent is not required. Profiling cookies, instead, can be set up only if the user give the consent after a simplified notice. The consent is also required in case of “analytics” cookies of third parties, when appropriate instruments to reduce their relevance have not been adopted or the third party crosses the information collected with other already in its possession. 

On its Website, REP uses the following cookies:
Technical Cookies 

The Website uses technical cookies, necessary for the website functioning and that cannot be disabled. Such cookies are set up only in reply to actions made by the user such as language, value, access session, privacy preferences. It is important to setup the browser to stop these cookies, but in this way the Website could not work appropriately. 

Cookies can be erased and managed by the Website user through the settings of his/her/its own browser, with the following modalities: 
    • Erasure: functions present in the most common browsers permit to erase all or some cookies set up on the PC;
    • Settings management: it is also possible to modify the settings of the browser in order to stop or limit cookies transmission.
Third parties’ cookies disablement is also possible through the modalities made available directly by the third party that is controller of such a processing. 
Here below the links to the informative pages made available by the most common browsers developers: 
    • Internet Explorer;
    • Google Chrome;
    • Mozilla Firefox;
    • Apple Safari.
Cookies disablement does not prevent the use of the Website services; however, the erasure and the block of all the cookies, technical ones included, could preclude to the user the complete and correct access to the Webiste contents. 
For information about the cookies stored on its own PC and to disable them individually:

Processing purposes
Cookies are used to guarantee the correct Website surfing and usability.
Processing modalities 
The processing is carried out with the assistance of IT and electronic, and/or automated, means and it is performed by REP and by its suppliers in order to guarantee the safety and the confidentiality of the data, in compliance with the applicable laws. In particular, all the technical, IT, logistical and procedural safety measures, envisaged by the applicable law, so that the minimum data protection level, provided for by law, is guaranteed. 
Data processing is carries out by REP and, where necessary, by external providers, appointed as processor, should this be the case. 

Data communication, transmission and dissemination 
Users’ data will not be communicated nor disseminated except for the cases provided for by law. 

Data retention 
Data collected through cookies will be stored for the time necessary. 

Transmission of data abroad 
Users’ data will not be transmitted abroad, if not in compliance with the requirements envisaged by the applicable law. 

Subjects’ data rights 
In every moment, it is possible to exercise the right of access, rectification and, depending on the cases, erasure of all the information relevant to the users, or of limitation of user’s personal data, in compliance with the applicable law. 
Users have also the right to oppose, because of specific situations, the use or the processing of their own personal information. 
If the elaboration of their personal information is automated, since it is a part of a service or by virtue of their consent, they can also have the right of “data portability”, that is the right of requiring a copy of the information in a structured format, commonly used by PCs. 

Those requests can be sent to the e-mail address or to Centro per la Ricerca sugli enti Pubblici S.r.l., having its headquarters in Via Dante 9, 20123 Milan. An ID card could be requested before handling the request. 
If the collection or the usage of personal data are based on the user’s consent, the user has the right to withdraw such a consent, in any moment, sending a specific request. 
It is also possible, in any moment, free of charge and without any explanation, to turn down marketing campaigns and ask for not receiving advertisement anymore. 
Users have always the right to file a complaint before the Control Authority.

Data Controller
The Data Controller is Centro per la Ricerca sugli enti Pubblici S.r.l., having its headquarters in Milan, via Dante 9, VAT Code 12420520962.

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This cookie policy has been reviewed on 11 September, 2023. 
REP could modify this policy in any moment and for any reason.