Ethics Foundation: the Municipality of Asti in the budget area like Trieste and Bolzano and is in the 'good' class ù
(La voce di asti - 01 October 2021)

"The Municipality gives too many direct assignments"
(Il resto del carlino - 10 October 2021)

Anti-corruption: the Municipality of Asti is the best in Italy
(The new province - 2 October 2021)

Municipalities in the vote: do they know how to administer?
(Huffingtonpost - October 2, 2021)

Ability to administer: Trani among the worst in Italy, Bari among the best
(Traniviva - 2nd September 2021)

Qualitative assessment of the capital municipalities: Alessandria in 71st place and worst in Piedmont
(Radio gold - 20 September 2021)

Parma among the best administered cities in Italy
(Parma today - September 20, 2021)

The Municipality of Vicenza is eighth in Italy out of 109 provincial capitals for quality of government
(La piazza web - September 20, 2021)

Administrative capacity: Vicenza seventh in Italy
(The Vicenza newspaper - 20 September 2021)

Administrative effectiveness Cerboni 'pulls' the Municipality
(The Nation - September 20, 2021)

Chieti, black jersey
(The newspaper of Chieti - 20 September 2021)

Fondazione Etica gives votes to the Municipality: good results on the budget and personnel management
(Grossetonotizie - September 26, 2021)

The Municipality gets bad marks on the contracts
(The Tyrrhenian Sea - 26 September 2021)

Treviso in fifth last place in terms of spending capacity among the provincial capitals
(Oggi treviso - 29 September 2021)

Administrative capacity, Perugia among the worst municipalities. Bertinelli: "Surprised"
(Corriere dell'umbria - 20 September 2021)

Ability to administer, Rieti at the bottom of the ranking
(Il Messaggero - 2nd September 2021)

8 Sicilian capitals are among the worst administered cities in Italy
(Cefalù news - 19 September 2021)

Ranking unable to administer, 8 Sicilian cities

(Informasicilia - September 19, 2021)

Rating of the administrations of the provincial capitals, Ethics Foundation rejects that of Syracuse
(Siracusa post - 19 September 2021)

Good governance and administrative capacity: Pesaro in 46th place in Italy out of 109 provincial capitals
(Primo comunicazione - 20 September 2021)

Lecco, fourth capital in Italy
(Lecco fm - 21 September 2021)

Fondazione Ethics 'rejects' the D'Alberto junta: low capacity to administer
(Emmelle - 21 September 2021)

Ability to administer, Fondazione Etica promotes Terni: it ranks fifteenth in Italy
(Terni today - 20 September 2021)

The Etica foundation 'ditches' the Gravina junta
(Primo piano molise - 21 September 2021)

Digital cities, do our capitals have the team?
(Hymn3 - September 20, 2021)

Public administration. Ragusa is the first capital in Sicily in the Ethics Foundation report
(Syracuse 2000 - 20 September 2021)

Administrative capacity: Municipality of Imperia among the worst in Italy according to the Ethics Foundation
(Imperia post - 20 September 2021)

Administrative skills, Lodi in the top positions
(Il cittadino - 2nd September 2021)

Administrative capacity, Viterbo at the bottom of the ranking
(Tusciaweb - 21 September 2021)

The "ranking" of Municipalities: Terni in 15th place
(La nazione - 21 September 2021)

Agrigento last in Italy for administrative efficiency
(Codacons - 21 September 2021)

Ability to administer, Macerata among the worst capitals
(Cronache maceratesi - 20 September 2021)

Vicenza, first administrative capacity in Veneto
(Antennatre - 21 September 2021)

Administrative capacity, Spezia like Novara and Livorno
(City of Spice - 21 September 2021)

Ability to administer, Avellino among the worst cities in Italy
(Irpinia news - 20 September 2021)

Imperia among the last in the 'Fondazione Etica' ranking: the PD "The Mayor uses it as an incentive to do better"
(Imperia news - September 22, 2021)

Ability to administer: Lecco 1st in Lombardy in the ranking of the Ethical Foundation
(Lecco notizie - 22 September 2021)

Imperia: ETHICS results on 'Administrative capacity', hard attack by the Brothers of Italy on Scajola
(Sanremo news - 21 September 2021)

Municipal elections, Sarno speaks: "The ranking of the Ethical Foundation places Salerno in the last places"
(Salerno today - 22 September 2021)

Ragusa first in Sicily for administrative capacity
(Qds - 22 September 2021)

Foundation: Teramo, one of the worst municipalities for presentation and administrative skills
( - ​​19 September 2021)

Municipal administrations ranking
(Abruzzoweb ​​- September 19, 2021)

Foundation ranking, black jersey for Syracusan administrators
( - ​​19 September 2021)

Administrative capacity wins Reggio Emilia, Bergamo 26th
(Bergamonews - September 19, 2021)

Administrative capacity, Viterbo at the bottom of the ranking among the Italian capitals

(Ilmessaggero - September 19, 2021)

Last in the ranking for the efficiency of the public administration, the anger of Codacons: "A ship that is sinking"
(Agrigento notizie - September 19, 2021)

Scoreboard of the Boccia capitals Imperia. 
(Ilsecolo XIX - September 19, 2021)

Tenders, votes to the Municipalities: the tenders? Only in 4 cases out of 10. The most virtuous is Rimini
(Corriere della Sera - 25 July 2021)

Regions now pay on time
(Italy today - 22 June 2021)

Management of contracts and suppliers, Lazio, Veneto, Marche at the top Puglia is the rear
(Corriere della Sera - 2 June 2021)

Lombardy and Puglia, the Regions that spend less on public personnel
(Corriere della Sera - 8 April 2021)

Mani Verdi, students and family members talk about the fight against pollution with a video
(Il Giunco ​​- 11 April 2021)

PA payments: Municipal ratings, passed and rejected
( - ​​March 16, 2021)

Useless recovery if municipalities do not spend
(Il Riformista - 19 February 2021)

Pd: "The Municipality of Rieti last in the ranking of Public Rating" "Thirteen construction projects worth 200 million"
(La Nazione - February 14, 2021)

Pd: "The Municipality of Rieti last in the ranking of Public Rating" "Thirteen construction projects worth 200 million"
(La Nazione - February 14, 2021)

"Thirteen projects that can be set up worth 200 million"
(La Nazione - February 14, 2021)

Public rating, the Municipality of Latina is the first in Lazio. Well-being ok
(Il Messaggero - 13 February 2021)

Casanica: "The competent administrators of the Municipality of Rieti flop"
(Rieti Life  - February 12, 2021)

There is also Pisa among the virtuous entities
(La Nazione - 11 February 2021)

Cuneo third in Italy for institutional capacity and sustainability of Public Administrations
(IdeaWebTv  - 11 February 2021)

Public rating, Matera Most virtuous municipality in the South. Bari the best metropolitan city
(TRM Radiotelevisione del Mezzogiorno  - 10 February 2021)

Municipality: high ranking balance sheet
(Resto del Carlino - 10 February 2021)

Tambellini administration, majority squares: "Example of efficiency at national level"
(Lucca live - February 9, 2021)

Majority: "The excellent administrative and financial reputation will bring more funds and new projects, these are the facts of the Tambellini administration, a management model for the whole country"
(La gazzetta di Lucca - February 9, 2021)

Public rating 2020, Cuneo is third in Italy: "The attention to the budget and its balance has been rewarded"
(  - ​​9 February 2021)

Here are the five municipalities spending samples, for growth
(Corriere della Sera - 7 February 2021)

“Fondazione Etica” assesses the spending power of the Municipalities in view of the Recovery Fund.
(Verdeazzurronotizie - February 7, 2021)

PA: more transparency means more efficiency
(Il Tirreno - 14 November 2020)

Public rating, the minister signs the protocol with Fondazione Etica. Marras: "Adopted by Tuscany 2 years ago"
(Il Giunco ​​- November 14, 2020)

Promote good practices of transparency
( - ​​13 November 2020)

PA: more transparency means more efficiency
( - ​​12 November 2020)

Transparency, Calabria penultimate in the rating of the Ethical Foundation
(Corriere della Calabria - 13 September 2020)

Regions to vote, which ones administer best
(Huffintonpost - 17 September 2020)

“Transparent administration”, rating of the Regions: Umbria does not shine.
(Parmatoday - 14 September 2020)

Marras: «Tuscany is the first region in Italy in terms of quality of administration. Now go on like this "
(Il Giunco- 13 September 2020)

Transparency and good administration, Tuscany is first in the Fondazione Etica rating
( - ​​13 September 2020)

Transparent administrations, best Tuscany and Campania in the rear
( - ​​13 September 2020)

Regions, Tuscany the most transparent. Lombardy is coming down
(Corriere della Sera - 13 September 2020)

Venice in the top ten of Italy for public Rating
( - ​​11 June 2020)

Public Rating: Venice 9th Municipality of Italy
( - ​​11 June 2020)

Public rating Fondazione Etica, Cuneo in third place in Italy
( - ​​10 June 2020)

The Public Rating of Fondazione Etica puts Cuneo on the national podium
( - ​​10 June 2020)

Transparency and efficiency of the Public Administration: for the Fondazione Etica Cuneo it is third in Italy
( - ​​10 June 2020)

Parma wins third place in Emilia Romagna
(Gazzetta di Parma - 8 June 2020)

Rieti, the last Municipality in Italy in the evaluation of the Public Rating
(Corriere di Rieti - 8 June 2020)

The Municipality of Latina is the first capital of the province of Lazio by public rating
(Caffè.Tv - 8 June 2020)

Public Rating, the Pontine capital is first in Lazio
(Latina oggi - 8 June 2020)

Treviso among the ten most efficient municipalities in Italy
(Oggi Treviso - 8 June 2020)

Virtuous provincial capitals: Treviso in first place in Veneto, eighth in all of Italy
(Treviso today - 8 June 2020)

Public administration, Udine and Pordenone awarded
(Il Friuli - 8 June 2020)

Udine among the most efficient municipalities
(Messaggero veneto - 8 June 2020)

Efficiency in public management, Udine at the top in Italy for Fondazione Etica
(Friuli Oggi - 8 June 2020)

Public rating of the Ethical Foundation: Prato and Milan in the lead
(TV Prato - 7 June 2020)

Public rating of the Ethical Foundation: Prato and Milan in the lead
(TV Prato - 7 June 2020)

Milan and Parma the most efficient municipalities
(Corriere della Sera - 7 June 2020)

The first dossier for the new governor? A bureaucracy to be sent to the workshop
(Corriere della Calabria - 21 January 2020)

Accounts in evidence, the primacy of Emilia Romagna
(Corriere della Sera - 19 January 2020)

Regions rating report: comparison of efficiency and achievement of objectives
(Ilcittadinoonline - 18 October 2019)

Efficient administration, Tuscany is at the top
(Sole24Ore Toscana - 18 October 2019)

Region check-up. Here is the report on the qualitative rating of Tuscany
(Met - 18 October 2019)

Region check-up. Here is the report on the qualitative rating of Tuscany
(Gonews - 18 October 2019)

Region check-up. Here is the report on the qualitative rating of Tuscany
(Toscana news - 18 October 2019)

The «model» regions? Even without autonomy
(Corriere della Sera - 13 July 2019)

Our data on Corriere della Sera "27 Municipalities to vote"
(Corriere della Sera - 25 May 2019)

Public Rating Ranking: Foggia in seventh place, first city in the South in the 'Fondazione Etica'
(Foggia day - 25 May 2019)

Budget of the Regions, Emilia Romagna wins
(Corriere dell Sera - 26 October 2018)

The common? Too many taxes and little dialogue.
(Salerno - 23 May 2018)

Public rating - the Italian PA measured by citizens
( - 15 May 2018)

Cuneo: 'Positive news that rewards the work of the administration'
( - ​​15 May 2018)

The Ethics Foundation Rating: subject to an agreement with the Government
( - ​​15 May 2018)

Trento, Cuneo and Parma: here are the (few) common efficiency champions
(Corriere della Sera - 15 May 2018)

But only three municipalities in Italy pay creditors before the Loggia
(Brescia Oggi - 13 April 2018)

Treviso: Public Rating Report of Municipalities
(Treviso today - 31 March 2018)

Efficiency and transparency, virtuous Treviso
(Treviso today - 30 March 2018)

Contracts and suppliers, the virtuous Municipalities from Trento to Brescia
(Corriere della Sera - 23 March 2018)

In Follonica, the majority asks for transparency on their actions
(Maremma news - 22 March 2018)

Grosseto pilot city for the RiformAttiva project: the government experiments with the Madia reform
( - February 19, 2018)

Marras: 'More resources for small municipalities, they must be put in a position to be able to provide services'
(Maremma news - 17 February 2018)

Small Municipalities become a "Community". Marras launches the platform of the Ethical Foundation
( - February 16, 2018)

Municipalities and homes, not only Noleggiopoli
Treviso, Cuneo and Brindisi the most virtuous

(Corriere della Sera - 8 February 2018)

Municipality of Treviso at the top in Italy for the management of real estate assets
( - ​​8 February 2018)

Real estate rating, down Perugia and Terni
( - ​​8 February 2018)

Efficiency under the examination of Ethics
(Il Tirreno - 6 January 2018)

Lots of funds from Rome and low taxation The "rating" of the island
(Corriere della Sera - November 3, 2017)

Transparency and integrity Cuneo is second
(La Stampa - 10 October 2017)

Parma and Cuneo champions of transparency: the study by Fondazione Etica on the financial statements of a group of Italian cities.
(Corriere della Sera - 8 October 2017)

Ethics Foundation, city under examination Positive votes in Parma and Cuneo
(Corriere della Sera - 9 June 2017)

Municipalities, here are the samples of transparency
(Corriere della Sera - 23 May 2017)

Politics: "Terni among the worst cities for the degree of transparency" according to the report of the Ethics Foundation
( - 23 May 2017)

Terni, the Corsera shoots on Palazzo Spada and the force-man Nevi sinks the blade
(The daily news - 23 May 2017)

Public rating: Grosseto has spent its resources well. Promoted in the Italian ranking
(Il Giunco ​​- 13 March 2017)

The Municipality of Grosseto focuses on transparency and efficiency
(Municipality of Grosseto - March 16, 2017)

Economy, Marras (PD): "Grosseto has spent its resources well "
(Maremma news - 13 March 2017)

Transparency Oscar: silver medal in Parma
(Parmaquotidiano - 13 March 2017)

Public Rating: the Municipality of Parma at the top in Italy
(Parmadaily - 12 March 2017)

Public rating, Parma on the podium
(Municipality of Parma - 13 March 2017)

Public rating, Municipality of Potenza in last place
(Basilicata24 - 13 March 2017)

Public rating evaluates the performance of 9 municipalities
(Giornale dei municipali - 13 March 2017)

Cuneo, Parma, Grosseto: the municipal champions of public rating
(Corriere della sera - 12 March 2017)

Transparency, a report card to be improved
(Il Tirreno - 2 December 2016)

Public money: the institution spends pretty well, but it could do better
(La Nazione - 2 December 2016)

Rating for the municipalities, the proposal: more money for the virtuous
(Corriere della sera Brescia - 25 November 2016)

The administration is examining ethics
(Il Tirreno - 29 November 2015)

Quality and transparency the municipality makes school
(La Nazione - 29 November 2015)

Dear municipality, I review you
(Il Tirreno - 18 May 2015)

The Tripadvisor of the public administration
(La Nazione - 18 May 2015)

4 opinion leaders talk about us - The video
Gomez, Latella, Nuzzi, Perrino say what they think of the rating for the public administration. Listen to the summary of the interviews.

Health report cards
(Milano Finanza - 17 May 2014)

Abruzzo: Chiodi at Confindustria, health objectives achieved
(ASCA - 19 May 2014)

Sanità Toscana first for efficiency
( - ​​18 May 2014)

Public Accounts: Cottarelli, citizens must know real conditions
(RadioCor - 8 May 2014)

Spending rewiev: Cottarelli, fundamental transparency for efficiency
(Androkos - 8 May 2014)

PA: Fondazione Etica, the best rating is from Tuscany
(Ansa - 8 May 2014)

Rating against bureaucracy and waste. Here's how to change the PA
(Affari Italiani - 8 May 2014)