The PNRR has allocated significant funds to invest in the regeneration of public real estate assets, and, at the same time, the Government has started the process of reforming the land registry, which will presumably concern all the properties present on the Italian territory, including public ones. Both are good news. But on one condition: that we do not intervene in the dark on this front as well. Too often in Italy reforms and investments are made without first proceeding to a detailed mapping of the existing situation, a mapping which, on the other hand, is essential for targeted and, therefore, effective investment and reform.

The concern to avoid proceeding in the dark is not new: ten years ago the legislator expressed it, with the legislative decree 33/2013, making it mandatory for all PAs to publish, among many other information, also the relative one. the consistency of public real estate assets. The latter constitutes a wealth that the world envies Italy, because it consists of many properties of historical, cultural and artistic value, and, if managed well, can represent a source of wealth for the country.

Being able to invest in the regeneration of public buildings with the PNRR is, therefore, an unrepeatable opportunity and to be exploited to the maximum of its potential. For this to be effectively possible, those properties must first be brought to the attention of citizens and adequately mapped in terms of consistency, use, state of maintenance and management, which cannot be the same in different parts of Italy.

Hence the decision of the legislator, in 2013, to make public information on public properties, so that citizens can know the real estate wealth that concerns them and, above all, monitor its good maintenance and management. On the contrary, citizens should be enabled to contribute to the choice of the destination of the financial resources of the PNRR allocated for the urban regeneration of their territories, and they can do so only if they first have knowledge of what exists.

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