Last 22nd November, we took part to the second Monitoring Committee on Capacity for Cohesion National Programme 2021-2027, held in Rome. It is the main round table dealing with European structural funds. 

The activities, opened by the Cohesion Policy Deprtament under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, represented the final discussion with the European Commission for the definition of the strategy relevant to the implementation of the new cohesion policy in Italy, before the main representatives of the mentioned Department, the European Commission, the Regions, in addition to delegates from Ministers, trade unions, ANCI, UPI and UNCEM. 

During the discussion relevant to the need of diversifying adn adapting the interventions in favour of the Entities according to their different starting points, the European Commission, in the person of the General Director of DG Regio IV, Nicola De Michelis, publicly acknowledged the uniqueness and the value of the data processed by Centro REP and Fondazione Etica relevant, in primis, to the ordinary expenditure capacity of the Entities located in the Regions of the South Italy and to their performance in using the European funds resulting from the previous programme 2014-2020.

That as confirmation of what already inserted by the Cohesion Policy Department in the CapCoe Programme approved by the European Commission last January: “Some researches performed between 2020 and 2021, as the one by Fondazione Etica in "The Municipalities and the challenge of ESG sustainability", on one hand inform us about the difficulty of finding simple paths to solve complex problems developed during decades without appropriate resolving measures, but also invite us to focus the interventions on some gaps relevant to execution, management and expertise distinguishing, even if not homogeneously, the public administrations, and the little ones above all”.

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